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$NRX 12/15/2015

On Monday morning December the 14th, the Company announces FDA Clearance of IND Application for clinical study of intravenous pyridorin in the treatment of acute kidney injury.

Well, first of all lets start with what is AKI in a few words? It is a syndrome that results in a sudden decrease in kidney function or kidney damage within a few hours or few days. It can also lead to other organs such as the brain, heart and lungs, another word - it can lead you to a long-lasting healthy problems. Does it sound serious? Yes it does!!! Every year about 2 million people around the world dies because if this, and it occurs in up to 1 in 5 patients in the hospital, and twice often in a critical care setting (For more information GOOGLE it). And it seems like theres not a lot of options to fix the problem.

Here is an interesting moment what the company says about the announcement:

"The clearance of our IND application for I.V. Pyridorin represents a significant milestone for our AKI program. We  look forward to further investigating intravenous Pyndorin, which we believe has the potential to be an important treatment option for patients suffering from hospital-acquired AKI".

Basically, the company just started going into trials!

They did nothing yet, and they just BELIEVE in it for now, which logically means nothing, or nonsense... The NEWS ITSELF IS NONSENSE, and that makes a lot of sense when it comes to BUY a company...

I saw a lot of people buying it from the very morning, and some Twitterers were buying it as well

Even afterhours we see a lot of people ready to buy this.

The point is, does it make any sense to read the news? Analyze? Probably not! FUCK it! Let'em keep chasing it) So we can short.

 The Shorts were smart today)  And here is the prove:

The very best of luck guys!

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