четверг, 14 января 2016 г.

Trades 1/13/2016

Trades 1/13/2016
$ICLD - CEO Releases letter to shareholders, and expects continued growth in 2016. Stock gaps up, makes a quick move to $1.20 and fades for the whole day. I took my firs short @1.09 before it halts, and after it opens huge volume came out and i added to my position @1.13, so my average was 1.11, risking around 1.18/1.20. And couple of minutes later once it holds $1 i covered my short thinking it would spike higher))

$EARS - Shorted @5.40 around 11:40am, get filled only 100 shares, and after a pull back i tried to add to 5.39 but it was too late.

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