четверг, 29 декабря 2016 г.

Watchlist for 12/30/2016

$FBIO - higher a/h following article on MB-101 for treatment of glioblastoma, brain etc., Phase 1 study. This study is followed by Mustang Bio, one of many FBIO company. They are still an early stage and  has no proved products for sale, which means company doesn't generate any income, except for other activities.

on December 29th  they expecting an article to come out in the New England Journal of  Medicine.
FBIO says "The potential of MB-101 to be a BREAKTHROUGH immunotherapeutic targeted against GBM, an almost universally fatal brain tumor".

Looking to short but this name tells me "Don't be a F_n Chicken! trade smart! Squeeze would be ideal. Also they can make an offering at any given time as per filing. (Please correct if i'm wrong or if you have more info)

Other names i will watch: $DRAM $MSDI $SGYP $CNAT

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