среда, 31 января 2018 г.

Crypto Update: Month of January

Been a pretty long time i haven't wrote anything, also nothing has changed in my portfolio during the month of January, except i covered some of the positions like $RDN $GVT $SNOV etc for some gain. My main potfolio is a bit DOWN lol. but i HODL!!!   

Today i've initiated a long position in $BPH (high performance blockchain) on the Bibox exchange and also bought some $BIX.
This morning $HPB disclosed that it will start trading on Kucoin exchange starting on or around February 5th. 2/3 of the position is set with average price around $7.70. Current market cap is

Current portfoilio: $DRGN $EDO $BRD $GTO $RLC $ETH $BPH $BIX  $UKG $BAR

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